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The Knowledge Base Platform
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The Problem 

There is an educational gap in the crypto industry.  Unfortunately, the problem widens the current divide and leads to a wider gap between the tiny percentage of those  who understand crypto, and the misinformed majority. Crypto World was created to teach, as well as to empower others with the knowledge and tools to succeed.  Blockchain and crypto education have been an issue for over 7 years.  While President Biden’s March 2022 crypto executive order 14067 and formal acknowledgment legitimizes the industry, it does not solve the education and perception problem.  Given the recent events in the industry; now more than ever, people need unbiased, trustworthy quality information and content which they can easily understand.  A recent CNBC interview with Bitgo’s CEO Mike  Belshe; goes into detail by shedding more light. Here is the video  https://www.cnbc.com/video/2022/08/26/ether-sinks-sec-delays-bitcoin-etf-bitgo-ceo-education-crypto-world.html 

If the CEO of a corporation valued at $1.2 billion is talking publicly about crypto’s education gap, it underscores the severity of the problem. 

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