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Our Story

They say what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Fortunately, this story is compelling enough; and it warrants being shared with the public. In 2022, Crypto World’s founder delivered a Digital Asset; bitcoin, crypto, NFT and DeFi keynote at The Mirage in Las Vegas. The overwhelming reaction and response from an audience which comprised mostly of finance, banking and insurance professionals exposed both the lack of understanding, and the genuine thirst for knowledge. The combination of industry problems, global macroeconomic trajectory and curious professionals; underscored a clear need for a much-needed solution.  Amongst many, one question stood out the most at the conference; it was, “that was a great presentation, do you run a Crypto University?” If professionals and elected officials do not understand crypto; what hope does the regular person have? That is part of the reason why we keep dedicating resources to the cause. Part of our mission is to ensure that anyone with access to the internet is not left behind by a phenomenon that will be part of our daily lives.  

How Did Crypto World Begin?

Crypto World was created as a result of an in-depth research revolving around bitcoin and digital assets in general. The insights gleaned from the study led to the revelation of bitcoin’s future and the role it will play in global finance, banking, economics and geopolitics. The realization of bitcoin’s and blockchain’s role in the future; as well as the new trillion-dollar industry, courtesy of digital assets, fueled the passion to share the thesis. The second and perhaps more acute reason for creating Crypto World is the glaring educational gap, misinformation and general lack of understanding. Unfortunately, the problem widens the current divide and leads to a wider gap between the tiny percentage of those who understand crypto, and the misinformed majority. Crypto World is created to educate, as well as to empower the masses with the knowledge and tools to succeed in a rapidly changing world.

How Big Is the Problem?


Blockchain, bitcoin, digital assets, NFTs and crypto in general, will affect all.  However, the pace of change is too fast and too complex for the masses to understand.  For example, digital assets are currently being acquired to the tune of billions of dollars. Tokenization of real-world assets [ a new industry ] is projected to the tune of trillions of dollars. Blockchain technology and Web3 are already being adopted, instituted, configured and implemented at big organizations.  These technologies, as well as new systems will eventually permeate, and transform the processes of virtually all industries. However, crypto education has been an issue for over 8 years.  While President Biden’s March 2022 crypto executive order 14067 and formal acknowledgment legitimizes the industry, it does not solve the educational and perception problem. The recent negative events in the industry do not help either.  Now more than ever, people crave unbiased, trustworthy, quality information and content which they can easily understand.  Hence, Crypto World produces research, provides educational content and creates tools which the masses can leverage for their benefit. Digital Asset is a new asset class for investors and blockchain is a new technology that’s growing rapidly.  These phenomena will eventually proliferate global systems.  They will be integrated into our everyday lives seamlessly; through 15 billion mobile phones, Twitter’s 400 million monthly users, PayPal’s 410 million users and other institutions.  In order to convey how dire the problem is; watch CNBC’s interview with Bitgo’s CEO Mike Belshe.  If the CEO of a corporation valued at $1.2 billion is talking publicly about crypto’s education gap, it underscores the severity of the problem.  The best way to reach and teach others, is to create an educational platform which can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year, by anyone anywhere.